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     Welcome to Arctic Garden, a member of the creative "union" that is "EKAF|EVOL." Here we are all about carefully thought out concepts and making the most of what we've got. With hand stitched designs and luxury garments made from fabrics that are locally sourced, we aim to provide the best quality and overall brand experience.

     We are a client & appointment based brand from the city of Toronto, ON., capturing the vibe and fashion perspectives of the Don Valley, and through our products and subsequent stories we hope that you may come to understand what our creativity is a product of.

     We are no trend, and we do not follow the 'waves'. It was critical thinking that got us here, we see the shallow aim of the industry and decided that the people needed more than just a "gimmick". We aren't here to prey on the 'casual shopper'. We value our integrity, and that is what we hope to bring to the members of our union. Inquire, book an appointment to get fitted at our office, and get to know us through our clothing.

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